He recibido el siguiente correo de Sameh Habeeb, que escribe desde Gaza. Detalla el número de muertos, 300, que ha habido 80 ataques ayer y 200 durante el día de hoy. Han destruido casas, farmacias, tiendas, hospitales, escuelas, cuarteles, mezquitas, y todo lo que se mueve (moto, coche), incluido un camión cisterna con combustible que ha incendiado 30 o 40 casas. Los niños sufren ataques de pánico continuos (por las bombas y el sonido de los F16), la traumatización de la población es absoluta. El puerto de Rafah continúa cerrado, a pesar de lo que dice Egipto. Hoy han bombardeado 40 objetivos civiles.

Este panorama coincide con el que nos describe Susan, amiga en Gaza, que sólo intenta dar consuelo a Adan y María quienes no paran de llorar en todo momento. A la calle no se puede salir, disparan a todo lo que se mueve.

Están sin luz ni gas.

Las reacciones en el mundo árabe y occidental se multiplican, concentraciones espontáneas, ataques a embajadas de israel, parece que la lucha está en la calle internacional.

Mientras tanto bombardean Jabalia y 10 bombas caen en Yan Kounis. Susan ya me decía que no había visto mayor infierno. Mientras nuestro ministro el Sr. Moratinos obvia esta realidad y se limita a decir que Hamas cese sus ataques.

maria jose

Detalle completo de la situación en Gaza, con telefono para contactar

Dear Editors and Colleagues,
I'm writing to you late due to limited access to the Internet. My house was exposed to many shrapnel of Israeli rockets. I would not be able to update you hourly through the Internet. Thus, for media reports, breaking news and accounts you could reach me on my Mobile or landline below. You could send me e-mails and I would do my best to answer you.
Mob: 00972599306096
Tel: 0097282802825
E-mail: Sam_hab@hotmail.com
Skype: Gazatoday, Facebook: Sameh A. habeeb
Web: www.gazatoday.blogspot.com
Daily Photos:http://picasaweb.google.com/sameh.habeeb
In addition to the below info, Gazans are still out of Gas, power and bread!

News Update from Gaza
-Victims of Israeli air raids are 300 while wounded up to 1000.
-Around 80 air raids took place in Gaza strip from the early morning of Sunday till 7pm in the evening. Around 300 air raids are the total outcome of the latst 2 days.
-Trauma spreads across Gaza residents especially children due to the loud voices of the heavy bombs of F16s.
-Israeli air forces bombarded 40 targets across the strip between civil and security buildings.
-Israeli F16 bombarded 2 mosques in Khan Yonis City.
-Apache Helicopters hit commercial shops at Jabalia town leaving many children injured.
-Israeli F16 bombarded a house for a Hamas key leader east of Khan Yunis City.
-Israeli F16s raided on south of Rafah destroying more than 40 tunnels.
-One Palestinian and Egyptian solider killed in exchange of fire in Rafah City. Many Palestinians tried to overstep the borders with Egypt but failed due to excessive presence of Egyptian forces. The militants succeeded in opening army while trying to flee to Egypt.
-Hamas government: Rafah Crossing still closed and casualties unable to leave for Egypt to get treatment.
-More troops, tanks and heavy guns arrived on Gaza borders. Israel vows of a ground invasion sooner. Israel calls on 6500 reserve soldiers to be ready for the military operation in Gaza.
-Around 24 homemade light rockets fired from Gaza hit the bordering areas of Gaza. The rockets hit Asklon and Ashdod leaving few wounded.
-Air raid killed a man and a woman in Al zaytoun area mid of Gaza City.
-Six Israeli heavy missiles launched by F16 destroyed "Al Safina security Bulidng" which was previously the compound of Palestinian intelligence in Gaza.
-Around 40 civic targets were hit today by Israel. Some of the targets where houses and some others are charities.
-Israel hits all mobile targets such as motorcycles and cars in Gaza. Therefore, people are early committed to their houses.
-Israel army tunes threats through breaking into local radio stations in addition of mass phone calls for Gaza civilians.
-Israeli heavy bomb hit Al-Shati Refugee camp Police station. Some civilians injured in the densely populated camp.
-Air raid destroyed Al shija'ya police station early in the morning.
-Israeli air raids destroyed a tank truck of fuel in Rafah City causing fire into 20 t0 30 houses early in the morning of Sunday.
-Israeli Air force destroyed Al Saraya security compound leaving some of prisoners dead and causing a total damage.
-Many workshops destroyed due to Air raids in Gaza and Mid areas.
-Al Shifa' hospital transforms Burnt and birth units into urgent surgeries.
-OXFAM organization announced inability of running work due to Gaza war.
-Demonstrations across the West Bank leaving 2 Palestinians dead.
-Hamas clams Arabs and International community the responbilty of the messacres.
-Jordanian lawmakers burnt Israeli flag in the parliament while Lebanese protesters tried to break into the Egyptian embassy mid of Bairout. Protests took place in the Arab countries of Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Iraq.

Meantime, heavy shelling and air raids at Jabalia Camp!
10 Bombings in Khanyonis City!
No news coming up yet.

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